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Make Sure your Mortgage is Working for you

It is often forgotten that your mortgage is the the greatest expense associated with your investment property. So it is not surprising that even a minor adjustment in the rate or conditions of your finance can make a drastic change to your overall financial position. Many investors “set … Read more »

Cyclone Debbie A Destructive Path

Michelle Delaney, General Manager, Living Here

Live report

Cyclone Debbie is making her presence felt across our North Queensland Coast. With wind gusts hitting up to 265km per hour across Hamilton Island, Airlie Beach and into Bowen there is significant property damage, tree damage and power outages.

While Cyclone Debbie is much slower (currently at only 6 km per hour) moving and more widespread … Read more »

State of Play

December’s official Reserve Bank (RBA) 0.25% rate cut brought interest rates to the lowest level
seen since the Global Financial Crisis. While the RBA decided to leave the cash rate on hold at 3% at
both its monthly meetings so far this year, according to the March governor’s statement, recent data
suggests the effects of previous cuts are now beginning to flow through to the broader economy.

For Sydney property investors at least, the … Read more »

Pleased to Meet You

With the launch of Living Here City Living (LHCL), a long held dream becomes reality. It’s the place where Sydney property investors (and their tenants) can finally get all the services they need, in one place – what they want, how they want it, when they want it. No one property is the same and we believe no one landlord is either.

We’re not just about rent collection. We’re not … Read more »