Expectations of our Franchisees

What it means to be Living Here

Living Here was founded with the intent to create a network of property management agencies that are committed to offering an outstanding level of service to clients and stakeholders. All members of Living Here endeavour to deliver an ever increasing level of quality and innovation so that it may stand apart from its competitors and be recognised for its differences. These commitments are made by each member of Living Here.

We commit to lead, to work together and to act as a unified franchise network. We recognise that while strength flows from this, it does mean at times individual businesses may need to compromise in order to create greater value for the group as a whole. Our goals are big and challenges are inevitable, but we know that a mutual commitment to each other improves our chances of success and strengthens us all.

To help us grow as a business, we have identified some fundamental principles that make Living Here what it is. Our expectation is that all members of Living Here will meet these standards as a minimum. These are set out below.


Client First

We will always operate in the client’s best interests. We will take the time to understand the needs of each client and work to provide effective solutions for each of them. We will seek feedback from our clients and work to improve their experiences.


Careers Foundations

Every member of the Living Here network is entitled to a career and the opportunities that come with that. In return, each person must take responsibility for advancing their skills and professionalism and commit to a lifelong commitment to learning.


Communication & Transparency 

We strive to make available to our clients as much information as possible (in the way they wish to receive it) about our work and the issues relating to their investment. We believe that the client is entitled to remain informed of all aspects of our work.


Network Strength

Although the network is made up of independent agencies, we recognise that strength comes from acting as a coordinated network. There will be times when each of us is asked to compromise for the greater good.


Commitment to Excellence

Each agency and member of that agency is committed to excellence and to delivering on that day in, day out. Failing to perform to high levels of quality reflects on the member, the office Living Here Expectations of our Franchisees and the Living Here network as a whole.


Measuring our businesses

We commit to the measurement of our businesses and to collectively sharing that information for our mutual benefit. Measuring our businesses is the best way for us to identify issues and prioritise work to improve how things are done.


Nurturing Growth

We are all responsible for the collective growth of our businesses and network. Living Here will continue to invest in the brand, websites, marketing campaigns and sales tools. Each agency is expected to use these and to contribute to their development.


Contributing to the Living Room Community

Living Room contains resources that define the expectations for each Living Here agency and member. It also contains our collective knowledge and understanding of property management issues. We are all expected to contribute to it.


Representing The Network

Each member of the Living Here network must ensure that at all times they are projecting the professionalism that we have committed to. This extends to representing the brand, office presentation, marketing efforts, social media profiles, community contributions and beyond.