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Q: What are Living Here Corporate looking for?

A: We’re looking for those passionate about Property Management who have a desire to build a profitable property management focussed business and enjoy the lifestyle that owning a business can afford.  Living Here is a business that provides you with wealth creation options and allows to you enjoy a more relaxed business model and still create wealth and income.


Q: Should I seek independent advice before joining Living Here?

A: In accordance with the Franchising Code of Conduct all franchisors must advise a prospective franchisee that they should obtain independent legal, business, and accounting advice.  Living Here believes that it is essential that prospective franchisees fully understand the conditions of their investment in a Living Here franchise, and we insist that these advices are obtained before we will enter into a franchise agreement.


Q: What is the length of the Franchise Agreement?

A: The initial term is 5 years.


Q: What will be my Return on Investment?

A: Calculating the return on investment before a business commences is difficult because of the variables involved, and we can’t guarantee a level of return.  Living Here is committed to assisting you to achieve the goals you have in mind for your business. It’s important to keep in mind that the profitability of a business is often reliant on the commitment and contributions of the owner.  We recommend that anyone interested in investing in a franchised business take into consideration both financial and non-financial matters.  For example, in addition to financial rewards, many franchisees are seeking independence and flexibility which are benefits that often only come with owning your own business.


Q:Will I be able to sell the business in the future?

A: Yes, we understand that your circumstances might change.  The franchised business is yours to sell. The franchise agreement sets out the requirements for a sale, and the prospective buyer will need to go through our standard recruitment and selection process.


Q:What do I need to submit an application?

A:Our application form provides for all the information that you will require to be successful.  To summarise, we’ll need details including but not limited to;

 Copies of Real Estate licenses (Individual & Company) or copy of lodged application with receipt of payment.
 Copies of any relevant Trust Deed or Partnership Agreements (with all amendments).
 Privacy Consent, signed and dated.
 Copies of General (showing public liability amount) & Professional Indemnity Insurances.
 Copy of Lease or Agreement to Lease (if applicable).
 A chart showing your organisational structure (including any related companies, trusts and partnerships).
 Current balance sheet.
 Assets and Liabilities Statement.
 Profit and Loss Statement for past 2 years (if currently trading as an agency).
 Reference from your current or intended bank manager.
 A copy of release from your previous real estate franchisor (if applicable).
 Copy of Trust Account Receipt deposit slip.
 Copy of current Drivers Licence.


Q:How quick once I submit an application will I find out whether we’ve been approved?

A: We’re looking forward to approve you as much as you are, so we’ll do our best to get back to you with approval within 5 business days.


Q:What is the timeline from approval to opening the doors?

A: We can’t wait to get you started but to do it properly and give you the service you deserve, 6 weeks (minimum) is the optimum time frame.


Q:What services can I expect from Living Here Corporate?

A: It’s all outlined in our application pack but as a summary:

Opening a Living Here office:

  • Support around branding/re-branding
  • Profit Teams that can help you drive your wealth creation
  • Living Here Concierge (Utility connection, Insurance, Telecommunications)
  • Hosted website
  • One System including; Mydesktop, Price Finder, my.livinghere, Living Room, IT support, Document Builder, G5 Mail
  • Access to Living Room (our Property Management resource centre)
  • One on one support through a group of National BDE’s
  • Loan Market finance advice and partnership

Ongoing support & Training:

  • Property Management Principals Retreats
  • Ongoing support from Property Management experts including business planning and in office training.
  • Apmasphere training, community forums
  • Daily online training
  • Invitation to the largest Property Management Conference within Australia ‘Property Management Conference’
  • Customer Satisfaction Program