Why Living Here

See what our current Business Owners say why they joined Living Here: Why Living Here

“Best of both worlds” / “We love the Branding” / To be honest, we’re really enjoying the pace”

Living Here is perfect those who have a passion for Property Management and understand the benefits of what a large Franchise group with over 110 years of knowledge and experience, with strong people, systems, training and technology can offer.

It’s a lifestyle brand.  We’re not about sales volume and how many sales people you’ve recruited this month – we’ll actually never ask you that question. We’re about aligning ourselves with your goals to create wealth through Property Management.

Whether you’re looking to set the world a fire in Property Management, or just maintain your income streams and asset, we want to support you in your aspirations and we want to ensure that you’re enjoying business in the mean-time.

What’s important to us is that quality people with good business acumen, who align with our brand values, collectively make a difference to every team member, every landlord and every tenant that we come in contact with.  It’s getting back to the basics of providing  seriously good customer service and a great place to work.

In developing the brand, we thought about what was important to us, as investors ourselves.  To us, it’s all about the experience.  Property Management done well should assist the client to create wealth, to maximise their rental returns through a multi-facet approach – not just by collecting rent.  Good Property Managers will understand investing strategy and therefore be able to provide the right advice and put their clients in touch with the right people.  They’ll minimise exposure to risk and keep the client up to date with market trends and legislative changes.  It’s important then that the property manager is focused on your clients.  It’s important that they’re equipped with the right tools and the right training to protect your clients’ experience.

Property Managers are great people, they’re focused, hard working and as they’re usually process driven they can follow a process well and finish what they’ve started.  Sometimes though, because they’re so focused on the process, customer service can suffer because they fail to understand what the client really wants.

At Living Here, there’s training EVERY DAY.  It’s not just training on how to complete a routine inspection or a lease renewal, it’s how to complete a routine inspection or lease renewal with the customer centric to the process.

The difference is in everything we do.  How we word our letters, our marketing and our even our technology is client focused.  It’s our goal to ensure that your clients believe they’re important to you, even when you’re not in contact with them.

For people thinking about joining the Living Here family, it’s about your experience.  We take the time to find out what your goals are, to assist your planning for your business and we allow you to set your own pace.  By assisting to train your team, provide you with effective systems and outstanding technology that allows you to do business easier and better, to share our knowledge and experiences, you can get back to what you do well, focusing on your team and clients, ensuring they have an enjoyable experience.

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