Achieving Your Goals

At Living Here, our philosophy is simple…more than anything we want you to enjoy the investing experience.  Often our clients tell us that the reason they moved on from another agency is that they felt that the Property Managers weren’t trained to understand their investing needs, that they didn’t ask the right questions and worse, they didn’t communicate in the way that the client expected.  Overall, this led to the client feeling frustrated with the experience and therefore seeking a better option.

When engaging a Living Here property management team, you’re engaging people that are truly passionate about the property management experience and the industry.   Something you may not know is that we train EVERY DAY!  That’s right, there’s over 520 live training sessions annually.  It’s this dedication to training and perfect property management that sees our people choose the Living Here brand.

While as Property Managers we need to make sure that the rent is paid on time, that maintenance is attended to and the tenants are maintaining the property in accordance with Legislation, our goal is to do much more than that.  We see you and your investment needs as our number one priority and every process and procedure is written with you, our client in mind.

We’ll partner you to ensure the goals you’ve set for your property investment are achieved and we’ll give you options should your circumstances change but above all, we’ll help you to have peace of mind in property management.