Property Management – Top Tips Tuesday

Top Tips



1. Angry people can get you down but don’t take it personally. Just try your best to resolve the problem quickly and gracefully

2. Make a list! From the most important task to the least and make sure to follow this. If a curve ball comes your way, deal with it efficiently and move forward with your list. This keeps you on track and is a great time management tool

3. Make the calls you are most anxious about first thing in the morning because the day can only get better! This also gives you the whole day to resolve any following issues

4. Attend training sessions to develop your skills and move forward in your career. You’ll thank yourself when you come across a difficult situation and you have the skills to deal with it

5. Always smile when you’re speaking on the phone and ask people how they are when emailing. It shows that you are happy and caring, making the client feel comfortable and dealings with clients more enjoyable.