Why us

The 10 big things that set us apart!

1. We focus on you and your experience with us.

It’s of paramount importance to us that you have a enjoyable experience, whatever the situation is.

2. Only the best will do

Everything we do is of the highest quality – it’s easy when you love ywhat you do. We’re obsessed with ensuring results in line with expectations.

3. Experience is everything

Living Here is a family owned, independent property group bringing together the best in our industry. Our relationship with Ray White, Australia’s largest Real Estate business brings over a hundred years of market research for strong insight and experience.  And by partnering with Apmasphere, a national training and development company, our team provides sound advice.

4. We’ve got the goods

We combine street smarts and textbook know-how, gained over many years.  Continuous training is key to our success.  Our offices have decades of local experience to tap into as well as expert knowledge of the laws and regulations.

5. Quality Conversations

We keep you informed through every step of the process with quality conversations – not only when something goes wrong – as little or as much as you need.

6. You can trust us

Handing over the keys to your property can be daunting, but you can trust our years of experience and continual team training to minimise your risk and maximise your reward.

7. Tech-Savvy & talented

It’s one thing to say you’re backed by the latest technology, but we know how to use it to you benefit.  Our streamlined processes and innovative solutions make it easier to cast the net and make contact with those looking to purchase a property.

8. We’re locals too

We live and breathe our local areas, understanding the little nuances like only a resident can.  We know the exact streets and areas that perform well and why.  It’s important to us to give back to the community we’re involved in too.

9. We’re mobile and ready

Out team will meet at a time and place convenient to you.  Every agent is mobile and keen to have quality conversations when it suits you.

10. Enjoy the experience

Most of all, property should be an exciting and dynamic investment for you to enjoy.  Whether you’re looking to buy to add to your portfolio or sell an investment to redeploy funds, the Living Here team will help you simplify the process, while maximising the results.

Let’s Talk!

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